What are customers saying?

" I can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. We were tired of being landlords and now we don't have to worry about that anymore. We can get our lives back!"

"We have no idea how you did it, but thank you so much. We had no idea how we were going to repair or sell our home after the tree landed on the roof." 

"I was very skeptical about this at first. But Justin really made us feel comfortable about the entire process. We could have listed our home on the MLS and Zillow  but we really didn't have the time to do all of that and we really did not want to pay closing costs and commissions. So we accepted an all cash offer that worked for us and we closed when we were ready which was nice because we needed time to move out!"

"I was about to lose my home to foreclosure, so I pretty much gave up. I found a new place to live that was cheaper and I was going to just walk away from my home for good. I couldn't afford the repairs to sell it so I was just going to walk away. Justin offered me a solution that actually put money into my pockets!  I had no idea something like what he did even existed. But at least I was able to walk away with money instead of nothing!"